Rotary Web Minute for Thursday, July 13th

We continue to grow our use of the Rotary Club of Kennebunk web site as the hub of all our activities.

    Updates for July 13, 2023

    Our club website has a new theme to reflect RI President-elect R. Gordon R. McInally's call to "Create Hope In the World", along with some minor layout changes to make club activities more prominent.
    ClubRunner has a July update app update to support with new features for the new Rotary year. The new ClubRunner features including mobile message push notification, improved support for donations, a new cloud Events module with the ability to create web pages for events that include registration. If any of these will help you with your club activities, please contact the media team.
    All officers and committee leads are encouraged to look at the 2023 Changeover Training to brush up your skills on club operation using ClubRunner.


    • If your committee needs a space for storing documents, mailing members, etc. this can be set up using the Committees Module.
    • Help promote our events by using the social media links in the event to say you are attending, or just to raise awareness. Look for the social media icons at the bottom of each event - clicking these will create a post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
    • Please submit Club Stories to tell people about our club! If you have club stories you want to publish, contact me and we can set you up to add them. To see the stories, click the Club News link at the top of the home page.