Rotary Web Minute for Wednesday, May 3rd

We continue to grow our use of the Rotary Club of Kennebunk web site as the hub of all our activities.

    The big news this week is that online payments are here! We can now set up events to take payment by credit card or by web. Our payment provider also offers free use of handheld credit card terminals (this needs to be scheduled in advance). We'll be using this to sign up for the chicken BBQ.  We'll expand use of payments in the future e.g. to pay dues online.

    Speaking of events. we're ramping up our use of events, including registration for club events. We have a registration page to sign up for for Saturday's May Day Parade. If you're running event, you can use ClubRunner to send invitation and promotional emails, print name tags, and track who is registered and who has paid.

    A reminder of some recent features:

    • New Feature: Committees
      • Includes per-committee document storage and committee email
      • Let me know if you want a committee site - include chair, members, and any subcommittees
    • We will be adding District visibility for our events
    • Club Stories: We're ramping the use of this feature to post news about our club, and we've added a new menu to see the stories. If you have club stories you want to publish, contact me and we can set you up to add them.